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The Coach Grill and Tavern is a full service restaurant open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. The Lundstrum Family name has been synonymous with fine dining for over sixty years.

The story began with Rustan Yngva Lundstrum pursuing the American dream by emigrating from Sweden. While working as a Captain on his Uncle’s Swedish cargo ship bound for New York Rustan Y. Lundstrum leaped from the vessel and swam to the majestic shores of America in search of prosperity and streets paved with gold. Rustan Y. was known to say that he did not know he was going to take the leap until the moment he did it and often described the action as a spontaneous impulse that had been brewing in him since the day he was born. Armed with his ideals and a dreamer’s hope he began planting the seeds of his success. His first job was working at the world’s fair in New York. After the fair he found work as a dishwasher in a small restaurant and within three years he was the head manager.
Armed with a fierce sense of patriotism for his new land Rustan Y. enlisted in the United States Army and became a war hero. He was honored with a silver and bronze star for his courage in battle. He would often talk about the immense sense of pride he felt in giving back to the country that had been so great to him.
Rustan Y. made wise choices with his money and was able to secure enough capital to purchase a plot of land in Syosset, New York, that would become the Viennese Coach. The stunning architecture and elegant service, both reflections of the owner, guaranteed the Viennese Coach a sudden and extended period of prosperity. The Viennese Coach opened its doors in 1955 until finally succumbing to a fire in 1989. Countless weddings, Christmas parties and functions were held there ensuring that the Viennese Coach and the now departed Rustan Yngva Lundstrum’s memory lives on.
His son, Lennart Yngva Lundstrum, studied alongside his father at the Viennese Coach and in many ways followed the same path. From the time of his father’s death in 1983 until the fire in 1989 Lennart saw over a prosperous period for the Viennese Coach. Upon the closing of the Viennese Coach Lennart began work as a consultant for restaurants. Yearning to have that feeling once again he purchased a property in Oyster Bay in 1993 that would become the Coach Grill and Tavern. The times and marketplace had changed since the Viennese Coach but the standards of excellent service has not.
Now operated by Rustan Lennart Lundstrum, the third generation of Lundstrum restaurateurs, the Coach’s mission is to create a menu that had something for everybody no matter what there mood in a friendly welcoming environment. It is a warm and intimate establishment that reflects the gracious and charming personality of the staff. We have no customers just friend and guests and many patrons will attest to that. We place a constant emphasis on customer care and serving only the highest quality food and spirits. We source local, sustainable and when possible organic ingredients to make sure the food is healthy, fresh and the best it can be. The Coach Grill and Tavern carries on the family legacy with pride. That is why we invite one and all, young and old to come to our home and be our friend and our guest. We ensure you that your happiness means everything to us.